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Clogged? Send Your Worries Down the Drain!


            We rely on the drains in our homes.  From kitchen sinks to toilets to floor drains in the basements, drains and pipes work silently and quickly.  Most of the time we don’t even think about the important work our drains do, until they become clogged.  Drains can build up a gradual blockage through continuous disposal of dirt, hair, grease, and soap, or can become stopped up immediately when Junior flushes his plastic shark down the toilet. 

Water drain kitchen

            While an instant clog may be obvious, you can also keep an eye out for gradual blockages by monitoring your drains.  Watch for backup out of a drain or into the toilet.  A bubbling sound coming from your toilet can be an indication of this.  Dampness or puddles around a floor drain in the basement could be a warning of intermittent backups.

            You can also take steps to help prevent clogs in the first place.  Never put grease down a drain.  It’s a liquid while it’s warm, but once it cools inside the drain it hardens and reduces water flow in the pipe.  Garbage disposals are a wonderful addition to any kitchen, but they can’t handle all food items.  Avoid putting watermelon rinds and corn cobs into the disposal, and check the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure what’s okay and what isn’t.  Teach your children to never flush anything down the toilet besides toilet paper, which is made to disintegrate in water.  Keep a trash can next to the toilet to ensure wipes and other bathroom trash are discarded properly.

            Even if you work to prevent it, your drains still may become clogged by objects out of your control.  Tree roots are often a culprit in main sewer line drainage problems.  Professional plumbers can easily examine the issue, determine what’s causing the clog, and use various state-of-the-art techniques to get your drains flowing again.  At the first sign of a clog, don’t forget to call A&W Plumbing and Heating, Inc.