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Drain Cleaning

Your drains are an essential part of your home plumbing system. From the shower to the dishwasher to the basement, drains provide convenient outlets for waste water to empty into your sewer system and out of your home. The only time you even notice your drains is when something goes wrong, like a nasty clog.
drain cleaning
While some clogs are caused by a single object that slips down a drain, most are caused by deposits that build up over time to line pipe walls and cause clogs. The best way to prevent these clogs is with regular cleaning to keep drains clear. Of course, we know that not everyone has diligently kept up with drain maintenance, so it’s important to call for professional drain cleaning at the first sign of trouble. Either way, the Southern Illinois area drain cleaning technicians at A & W Plumbing & Heating, Inc. have the expertise needed to keep your drains flowing freely. Whether routine maintenance, cleaning, or an emergency removal of a heavy clog, we can make sure any drain we encounter is running smoothly before we leave.

Our drain cleaning services include a thorough video inspection utilizing a specialized camera into the main sewer line to check for any buildup. If necessary, these deposits can be cleared using a number of different technologies. When we come to your home to clean a clogged drain, we’ll clean your drains using one of our proven methods. Depending on where the clog is and what it turns out to be made of, one type of cleaning may work better than another. For simpler clogs like the common ones in your kitchen or bathroom, a pipe snake will often do the trick. A snake is long flexible piece of metal or plastic with a catch on the end. This gets “snaked” down the drain until it catches the clog, and then is pulled back up with the clog in tow.

In some circumstances, your main sewer line may even get clogged and need to be cleaned. In Southern Illinois it is very common that homeowners encounter that trees or bush roots may be creating the problem. Roots find existing seams or weak spots in your sewer line system, or they slowly make new breaks, and grow inside the pipe stopping toilet paper and other flushed items from reaching the city sewer main. A &W Plumbing & Heating, Inc. drain cleaning experts are equipped with heavy duty snakes with special blades to cut through tree roots.

Your city sewer main is commonly 100’ (or more) from the access to the line, and you’ll want a professional to make sure the sewer line is clear all the way to the main. Don’t be fooled–it takes time to properly clear a sewer line. It’s not enough to simply poke a hole through the problem. Just because the water slowly goes away doesn’t mean the problem is fixed. The pipe needs to be clear from wall to wall, or it could be just a short amount of time before the line needs to be cleared again. It can take several passes with the snake’s blade to be sure the problem is resolved as best as possible.

The Southern Illinois area drain cleaning technicians at A &W Plumbing & Heating, Inc. been cleaning drains of all shapes and sizes for many years and have the skills and tools needed to clear even the worst blockages. Whether you are confronting a particularly bad clog, or you just want a routine cleaning to make sure everything is in order, give us a call today (618) 687-5862!