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Fast and Easy Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom

Does your bathroom make you sigh and roll your eyes every time you walk into it? Are you tired of staring at the same boring wallpaper? Is it becoming impossible to make your bathroom really look clean, no matter how hard you try? Your bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in your house, and it makes sense for it to start showing some wear and tear pretty quickly. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer with an ugly bathroom, even if your budget is tight. Here are some quick fixes for your bathroom blues.

A Coat of Paint: Any room is quickly revived simply by a new paint job. A normal-sized bathroom will probably not require much paint, and you can save even more money on it by checking the “Oops” section of your local home improvement store. Make sure you completely remove any old wallpaper and clean your walls thoroughly for the best results. You can also repaint your vanity to continue the new look.

New Faucets: Once the finish starts to wear down on your faucet, you may find it harder and harder to clean. Or perhaps your faucets are just not the style or color you would like, or don’t function the way you’d like them to. They can be easily replaced in an afternoon and will give your bathroom a whole new look. Replace the towel bars while you’re at it to make sure everything matches.

Different Décor: How long has it been since you picked out your bathroom’s theme? Refresh your restroom with a new shower curtain, trashcan, and rug. Try to pick a set that will match the current color of your walls if you aren’t up to repainting them just yet.

Light it Up: Does the light fixture really do its duty? A light in the center of the ceiling will probably be enough most of the time, but do you have good light over the mirror? Can you see in the shower? Changing out or even adding light fixtures can not only transform the look of your bathroom, but make it easier to use as well.

Flip Your Floor: If your floor covering is getting old, ugly, or damaged, it just might be time for a new one! Replacing scuffed or stained floors can go a long way toward pumping up your powder room. Make sure when you’re picking out new flooring that you understand how to install it and you have all the right tools.

vintage bathtub in grunge interior (photo compilation)

Just because you aren’t ready to knock out the walls and start all over again doesn’t mean you can’t revamp your bathroom. Most of these options are relatively inexpensive and don’t take a whole lot of time. They’re great for getting your house ready for guests or spring cleaning. If you need help, or decide you want to start replacing your fixtures, be sure to give A&W Plumbing a call!