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Get a Plumbing Inspection Before You Purchase a Home

Buying a home can be a very exciting adventure.  You find a house that has everything you need:  the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms, a beautiful backyard, and big picture windows.  What about the parts of the house that you don’t normally see or think about on a daily basis?  Many people know they should have their potential new home inspected, but they should also make sure the plumbing is inspected as well.  Unknown plumbing problems can cost thousands of dollars if they go undetected.  When you purchase your dream house, you want to know just what kind of investment you’re getting into.  A professional plumber can help you analyze any potential issues.          

A home’s pipes are very important.  Lead pipes were common until 1986, but may still be in some homes today.  According to the EPA, lead in drinking water can cause physical and mental developmental delays in children, and high blood pressure in adults.  Long-term exposure may result in kidney problems.  Have your plumber give you an estimate on replacing lead pipes before you agree to buy a home.

It’s imperative to know about your new home’s sewage or septic system.  Sewage lines should be clear of tree roots or other debris, and a plumber can help you determine this by running a camera through the pipes.  Homes built in the 1950’s often have Orangeburg pipes for their sewer lines, which are made of tar paper that can easily degrade and collapse.  If the house has a septic system, ask the seller when it was last emptied or serviced.  There should be no odors or seepage from the septic tank.  Sewage issues are expensive and smelly, so the time to know about them is before you purchase the home, not after.

All of the faucets and fixtures in the home should work properly.  Feel free as you walk through a home to turn them on and check the water pressure, or to check underneath the sinks for leaks.  Toilets should flush properly, and there should be no water on the floors surrounding them.  Even small leaks and drips can lead to rusted metal, rotten wood, and mold, just to name a few ailments which can result from faulty plumbing causing significant structural concerns.        

Don’t be afraid to ask the seller to work with you on plumbing issues that may surface during the inspection.  Many times a seller will either adjust the price or even go ahead and fix the problems just to get their home sold.  When you find your dream home, be sure to contact A&W Plumbing and Heating for your plumbing inspection.

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