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Plumbing Myths Debunked, #2

In our last plumbing myths blog post, we discussed some pretty crazy stuff, including a clog the size of a bus!  Here are some more urban legends that will make your pipes shudder.


Myth #1:  You can keep your toilet clean with bleach-based tablets.  Bleach is a great cleaner, but can be damaging to the toilet tank.  If the tablet sits in the tank, the bleach it releases can break down the inner workings of your toilet. 

Myth #2:  Water flushes the opposite direction in the Southern Hemisphere.  This myth has been perpetuated for quite some time by various movies and television programs.  Its basis is the Coriolis Effect, which affects the movement of storms and ocean currents.  A body of water as small as that inside the toilet tank, however, is generally not affected.  The design of the toilet itself determines the direction in which the water flushes.

Myth #3:  Hot water makes grease go down the drain.  Sure, it sounds like a good idea.  The hot water makes the grease liquefy, ensuring a smooth trip down the pipes.  But that water will eventually cool off, and the grease will congeal.  Having a garbage disposal doesn’t change this, since it doesn’t have any effect on what happens in your pipes anywhere past the kitchen sink.  You should always dispose of grease in the trash can.

Myth #4:  Plumbing fixtures don’t require maintenance.  You might not think about your plumbing fixtures on a regular basis, especially since you never actually see much of your plumbing.  Inside those walls, your pipes are doing a lot of work for you!  It’s a good idea to have your favorite plumber inspect your plumbing every year, and perform any required maintenance.  This will make your pipes and fixtures last much longer, and will save you the hassle of a plumbing emergency.


While some of these myths might seem logical at first, it’s always best to check with your plumber if you have any questions about the use and maintenance of your plumbing system.  Call A&W Plumbing at 618-687-5862 with any questions!


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