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Plumbing Tips for Fall


We might not quite be ready to let go of summer just yet, but cooler fall temperatures are just around the corner.  This is a great time to get your plumbing system tuned up and ready to go for winter, before it’s too late.

A great first step is to disconnect all your outdoor hoses and sprinklers.  Use interior shutoff valves to the spigots if you have them.  It’s a good idea to store your hoses indoors if possible, because the constant freeze-and-thaw cycle of winter can cause the rubber to crack.  A Styrofoam faucet insulation kit will keep your outdoor spigot nice and cozy during the cold months.

Be certain to clean all your gutters and downspouts of leaves and debris.  Good gutter drainage is just as important in the winter as in the summer.  Clogged gutters can lead to icicles as precipitation runs off the roof.  They might look pretty, but those ice formations can cause damage to your home’s exterior when their weight rips off portions of your guttering or eaves.

Make sure all the pipes in your home are protected from low temperatures.  Pipes near the exterior of your home or in unheated areas are particularly susceptible.  Wrapping them in insulation or using heat tape can save you from the headache of frozen or potentially burst pipes.

Some winterization should be performed by your trusted plumber.  Call A&W Plumbing to service your water heater, since it will work especially hard during the colder months.  Flushing out the sediment in the bottom of the water heater, as well as testing the pressure relief valve, are good steps to take to protect yourself from cold showers.  This is also a good time of year to have your plumber snake or rod out your septic system.

Winter temperatures can come on quickly, so don’t wait until it’s too late to get your plumbing winterized.  A&W Plumbing is more than happy to help!