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Slab Leak Repair

A leaky pipe in a wall is bad enough, but what about one in your slab foundation? How do you know where it is? Will you have to tear up a huge chunk of concrete just to find the failed pipe? A&W Plumbing is here to help!

Do you hear the sound of running water when all of your faucets are turned off? It could be a ghost using your shower, but it’s much more likely that you have a leaky pipe in your foundation. You may also have a slab leak if you notice your water bill has gone up. This could be from a leak elsewhere in the home as well, but don’t overlook this critical area! The presence of mildew or damp carpets could also indicate a leak, as well as swollen or raised sections of flooring.

You can do a simple water meter test to help confirm a suspected leak. First, make sure you have turned off all the faucets and don’t have any appliances such as dishwashers running. Next, find your water meter and note the numbers on it. Keep the water off for thirty minutes, and then check the numbers on your meter again. If they have changed, you have a leak!

Here at A&W, we know you don’t want to have to destroy your home just to fix it. That’s why we use our electronic leak detection equipment to find the exact location of the leak. This reduces the time it takes to fix the leak. It also reduces your stress and your cost! You can rely on our technical knowledge and years of experience to find your leak. Once we do, we will go over the best options with you for getting it fixed. This may involve fixing the original piping or rerouting your water through a new pipe.

If you’re concerned you might have a slab leak, give A&W Plumbing a call today!