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Tankless Hot Water Heaters – Designed/Installed

Did you know your hot water heater can consume up to 30% of the average energy budget in your home?  Hot water is extremely important to our daily lives, for showering, shaving, and washing hands and dishes.  If your water heater isn’t quite working like it used to or if you’re looking to save some energy, you may want to consider a tankless water heater.

A standard storage water heater holds the hot water for you until you’re ready to use it.  This is great, until you run out and have to wait for the tank to fill.  There is also the cost of keeping a large amount of water heated on a continuous basis, even while you’re sleeping.


Tankless water heaters, also called instantaneous or demand heaters, don’t have to use energy to store water.  High-powered burners or electric elements warm the water quickly as it passes through a heat exchanger.  The hot water is then sent through the pipes to your faucet or shower as you use it, usually at a rate of two to five gallons per minute.  This provides a constant supply of hot water but only as needed.  You never have to wait for a storage tank to fill, so you won’t run out of hot water.  Tankless hot water heaters are available in gas or electric, and come in varying sizes to accommodate either your entire house or a single appliance.  These units are about 22% more energy efficient than typical storage water heaters.  Energy Star estimates about $100 per year in savings from using a tankless water heater.  Their average life expectancy is about 20 years, compared to 8 to 13 years for a conventional heater.

Here at A&W Plumbing, we can evaluate what kind of tankless water heater best suits your needs and your home.  Factors include the size and layout of your home, the size of your family, and what kind of appliances you have.  Proper installation by a professional plumber will help optimize energy efficiency and ensure that your new unit works properly.  Call A&W Plumbing at 618-687-5862 and never run out of hot water again!