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The Right Kitchen Sink for You

If you’re looking to update your kitchen, you might be thinking more about a new fridge or countertop than your new sink. But since the kitchen sink is a fundamental component that will be used every day, it may be more important than you think. The sink is the hub of the kitchen when it comes to food preparation and cleaning. There are numerous options when choosing a new sink.

-Basins – Single basins are large and make it easy to wash a large pot or casserole pan. Double basins may make it more difficult for those oversize dishes, but offer the dual functionality of cleaning and prep work. Triple basins usually involve a much smaller basin in the center for cleaning vegetables. They take up more space, but you still have access to the garbage disposal if the other two basins are full. Basins also come in varying depths.

Which sink is the perfect one for you and your family?

Which sink is the perfect one for you and your family?


-Materials – Stainless steel is versatile, durable and easy to clean. It offers the best option for families or those who are hard on their sinks, but they can be susceptible to water spots. Porcelain or enamel coated cast iron sinks come in a variety of colors to match the theme of your kitchen, but may chip or stain over time. Composite or stone sinks present a unique look for your kitchen, but they can be costly and require special maintenance.

-Accessories – Regardless of which basin style or materials you are interested in, you can find a vast array of accessories to go along with them. These include cutting boards, prep bowls, colanders, and racks. Think about your cooking style and what kind of accessories will actually be useful to you before you buy.

Other design options include farmhouse sinks, curved or rounded edges, and solid surface sinks that blend seamlessly with your countertops. It’s best to make your choice based on the sink’s functionality as well as your lifestyle and your budget. Consider your options carefully, since the one you choose will likely be with you for a long time. When you’re ready for your new kitchen sink to be installed, just call A&W Plumbing!