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Water Conservation and You

Tomorrow is Earth Day, and a great opportunity to think about water conservation.  While many of us are concentrating on saving money by stopping those extra drips, there is more at stake here than just a high utility bill.  Water conservation has become a worldwide concern, and reasonably so.  Although we live on a planet that has an abundance of water, 97% of that water is salty, and the majority of Earth’s fresh water is trapped in glaciers and ice sheets.  This leaves a surprisingly small amount of water for people and animals worldwide.  Being conservative with our water supplies ensures plenty of freshwater for our generation and those of the future.

So what can you do to reduce your water usage?  Here are a few tips:

-Teach your children not to leave faucets running and to make sure they are turned off all the way.

-Install water efficient appliances, such as low flow faucets and an HE washer.

-Don’t let the water just run down the drain while you wait for it to warm up.  Collect it and use it to water plants.

-Use a timer when watering your plants.  You can set it for the best time of days for your plants, and you won’t have to worry about remembering to turn it off.

-Put a nozzle on your garden hose so you can turn it off easily between outdoor tasks.

-Use a broom instead of a hose to clean your driveway.  You’ll save about 13 gallons of water for every minute of cleaning.

-Keep a pitcher of drinking water in the refrigerator instead of running the tap.

-Know where the water shut-off valve is for your home.  If a pipe bursts, you’ll save lots of gallons from going down the drain if you can act quickly.

-Don’t run your washer or dishwasher until it’s completely full.  Partial loads waste water!

-Take advantage of Fix a Leak Week every March.  Inspect your home’s plumbing for any leaks that may be wasting water, and get them taken care of right away!

Wasted water doesn’t just affect our available supply of drinking water.  Help guarantee that there is plenty of water in lakes and streams for wildlife and for our recreational use.  Keep the cost of cleaning and treating water down by using less of it.  Don’t take our world’s water for granted.  When you’re ready to make your home more water efficient, give A&W Plumbing a call!


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