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Water Heater Repair & Installation

A hot water heater is a near miracle of modern convenience and comfort. Without hot running water, simple, every day routines like showering and shaving would be very unpleasant. So, when your water heater breaks down, it is not only inconvenient, but it actually has a dramatically negative impact on your daily routine. You’ll obviously want to have any and all water heater problems fixed as quickly as possible.
water heater repair
When considering replacing old home appliances with modern energy efficient models, kitchen appliances may be foremost on you mind, but water heaters are just as important. Though you might not think about it as much, you use this appliance daily and it plays a critical role in your home’s energy usage. Even if your old water heater still operates as it has for years, it’s often worth considering replacing it to realize the monthly energy saving benefits offered by systems currently on the market.

Whether you’ve only just started considering a new unit or your in need for a prompt water heater repair in the Southern Illinois area, call the water heater installation experts at A & W Plumbing & Heating, Inc. today. Our highly trained technicians complete on all types of water heater installations and experience repairing water heaters of all types and sizes, so we can handle any job. Our highly trained experts get every job done right so you can get back to the comfort of hot showers as quickly as possible. Before we even begin the work, we’ll first review your options with you and give our professional recommendations. Call us today at (618) 687-5872!

Water Heater Problem Warning Signs

In order to get help from a professional at the first sign of trouble, you need to know what those signs are. Some things will be quite obvious, like a lack of hot water for the shower each morning. But there are also subtler signs to look out for which can be the precursors of larger trouble looming.
If you happen to notice that your water heater has gotten noisier lately, that would be one good sign that it may need repair. This could mean trouble with the heating element, plumbing or other important component of the water heater system. Get the noise checked right away before the situation grows worse.

Also be on the lookout for gradual or slight drops in temperature. Your water heater will not always work at 100% efficiency, so sometimes water will be warmer than others, especially just after turning it on. However, if it seems like the water generally just doesn’t get as hot as it used to, it may be time to have the water heater looked at.

Watching for warnings signs is a good way to ensure you head off minor problems before they grow in to larger, more expensive issues in the future.

Selecting a Water Heater

There are now two basic types of water heaters – traditional tank-style water heaters and tankless models. The traditional system includes a large tank that acts as a reservoir for hot water. Water is heated within the tank, and then distributed to fixtures throughout the house whenever a faucet calls for it. Although this is what many people are used to, a tank system has its drawbacks. The main disadvantage is that the tank is kept heated even when you do not necessarily need hot water, which can be a waste of energy and money.

Instead of using one large tank, tankless models have a series of elements along the hot water pipes within the heating unit which heat the water en route to the faucet. This means water is only heated when you need it, which can be more cost effective. However, tankless water heaters aren’t always the best solutions when hot water is often needed in more than one part of the house simultaneously. After deciding on a type of water heater, you must also choose an energy source. The most common options are electricity, natural gas, and propane. Which option is most appropriate for you will depend on what your home is set up for now and the codes in your area, among other factors.

There are many factors that go into the “tanked vs. tankless” water heater decision, as well as what type of fuel is more cost-efficient for your needs. A & W Plumbing & Heating, Inc. is one of the largest installers of water heaters in Southern Illinois. Call us today to discuss the pros and cons of this complex decision, and we can analyze your particular needs and give you the most cost effective solution!

Installing a New Water Heater

Installing your new hot water heater is a fairly routine job for an experienced contractor. However, it’s possible to make a mistake, especially if the installers work too hastily or carelessly. An improper installation can result in poor performance of your water heater, leaky pipes, wasted energy and other annoyances.

A good installation is the first step to keeping your water heater running well for many years, while a poor installation will ensure you will have to pay more for repairs later. Obviously, it is best to go with an experienced, reputable water heater installation company to avoid these problems.

Water Heater Contractors

If you’re experiencing any hot water issues in your home call us today at (618) 687-5862 for quick and professional service, so you don’t have to deal with the inconvenience any longer than necessary. Our water heater installation technicians have not only the experience necessary to repair existing units we can also properly install your new equipment. Our expertise at A & W Plumbing & Heating, Inc. will help you make the best decision to repair or replace with a new model. We will help you choose the best model to accommodate your needs. We’ll then install your new unit to the manufacturer’s exact specifications, ensuring years of uninterrupted hot water for your entire home.