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Why You Should Hire a Professional for Your Installation


Whether you are considering replacing the kitchen sink or the toilet in the master bathroom, you may be tempted to do the work yourself.  Everyone wants to save money these days, and home improvement shows are often touting the benefits of do-it-yourself projects.  While there are some projects that are easily accomplished on a weekend afternoon, installing or replacing a fixture requires a professional.   

A professional plumber will make sure the fixture is installed properly.  Incorrect installation can lead to damage of the fixture.  You don’t want to have to pay to repair or replace a new bath tub because it was broken during the installation process.  A professional will also guarantee there aren’t any leaks in the pipes that have been worked on.  A leak, especially if it goes undetected for awhile, can ruin the floors and walls of your home, leading to even more expense.

Home improvement jobs are not always as easy as they look.  A project that seems like it would only take thirty minutes could turn into three hours if things go awry, which is pretty inconvenient if your kitchen or bathroom is out of service during that time.  Your plumber will have a more accurate idea of how long the fixture installation will take and will work with you to keep your household running smoothly.

Professional plumbers have all the right tools.  Here at A&W Plumbing and Heating, we keep all our trucks fully stocked to give you the best and fastest service in Southern Illinois.  We also go to great efforts to stay informed on all the latest plumbing technologies and stay up to date on our training and continuing education.  We have over a decade of experience behind us to give you the best possible plumbing experience.

If you’re ready to upgrade your fixtures, give A&W Plumbing a call today to schedule your free estimate.