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Pipes giving you fits? Drains slowing down? Plumbing problems shouldn’t have to be something Carbondale, IL worries about. A & W Plumbing and Heating, Inc. is the go-to service for all of southern Illinois, no matter what time of day you need service. That’s right! We are a 24 hour plumbing repair service because we value taking care of you. We will do it the right way, on time, the first time.

A & W Plumbing and Heating, Inc.

  • Plumbing & Remodeling
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Hydro Water Jetting
  • Sump Pump or Lift Stations
  • Water, Sewer, Gas Line Repair/Replacement
  • Backflow Specialist/Testing/Installation
  • Pool, BBQ, and Landscape Gas Piping

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What Are the Dangers of Leaky Pipes?

Besides being annoying, leaky pipes can do some major damage if left to themselves. The obvious consequence of a pipe leak would be flooding in your building. This can cause major property damage to the inside and the outside of your property.

If your sewer line happens to be leaking, this can pose serious health risks to you and the people around you. Any leak is not going to be good for your plumbing system as a whole, so it is best to fix it before it turns into an overwhelming problem. Electrical shortages are not something most people think about, but leaks can be a shock hazard to anybody in the building. One more thing to consider is that your water bills may mysteriously rise.

If you suspect a water leak on your property, call an emergency plumber like A & W Plumbing and Heating, Inc. We’re your trusted 24-hour plumbing repair company proudly serving the entire Southern Illinois area.

What’s the Latest on Water Heaters?

Good question! We are glad you asked. The new tankless water heaters are new and improved for effective, on-demand usage and less energy waste. Tankless water heaters take up much less space because they don’t require a water tank. They heat the water as you ask for it instead of the traditional method of keeping an entire tank of water heated 24/7. That means that they are much more energy-efficient than traditional systems and are safer and last longer due to the energy they conserve.

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Is Professional Drain Cleaning Really Necessary?

Well, in a lot of situations, yes. Over the counter drain cleaning chemical can actually hurt your pipes more than help them. These are potent chemicals that dissolve anything in their path...and it takes a toll on your plumbing system. Another potential hazard of clogs is that a lot of times, DIY unclogging only takes care of part of the clog, allowing the smaller mass to travel deeper into your pipes and cause a bigger issue than you had in the first place. Our service will eliminate slow drains any odors coming from your plumbing.

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